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UWSOC101Sara CummingFall

SOC101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Critical Race Theory, Poet Shirt, Judith Butler

OC9622615 Page
21 Apr 2013
Sex: a determination of male or female on the basis of a set of socially agreed-upon biological criteria. Transsexual: a person who undergoes sex reass
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UWPSYCH101Richard EnnisWinter

PSYCH101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Neurotransmitter Receptor, Sensory Neuron, Sleep Paralysis

OC9622646 Page
21 Apr 2013
Psychodynamic: focuses on the person, subconscious forces. Behaviourism: focuses on behavior, overt responses. Sociocultural: focuses on environment, g
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UWHLTH102Scott LeatherdaleWinter

HLTH102 Study Guide - Final Guide: Binge Drinking, Body Mass Index, World Health Organization

OC9622627 Page
21 Apr 2013
Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not merely an absence of disease of infirmity: problems: Health is a capacity or
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