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Study Guides for LAWS1201 at Australian National University

Foundations of Australian Law

LAWS1201 Final: LAWS1201-Foundations-of-Australian-Law

LAWS1201 Foundations of Australian Law Basics Why is case law important? Sets a precedent Australia as a common law system, precedent is used to shape the legal foundations and reflective of the commonwealth system Common ...

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LAWS1201 Study Guide - Final Guide: Broadcasting Services Act 1992, Plain Meaning Rule, Amalgamated Society Of Engineers V Adelaide Steamship Co Ltd

PRACTICAL GUIDE TO INTERPRETATION OF LEGISLATION 1. Check to ensure that the provisionstatute had commenced operation at the relevant time. If not, does it nevertheless operate retrospectively? 2. Read the entire Act. Reme...

LAWS1201 Study Guide - Final Guide: Judiciary Of Australia, Judicial Discretion, Abbreviation

find more resources at Basic case analysis 1. Citation 2. Brief statement of material facts 3. Ground(s) of appeal andor issue(s) to be decided a. Multiple issues steps 3 to 5 must be repeated for each issue 4...

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LAWS1201 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Ship Money, The Foundations, New South Wales Act 1823

find more resources at Module 1: The Roots of English Law Timeline 1066: Norman Conquest of England, a seminal event in the development of the English Common Law 12 century: appointment of Justices In Eyre 121...

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