KINE 1P90 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Ford Power Stroke Engine, Tricuspid Valve, Glycolysis

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Increased edv results in decreased stroke volume: false. Vasoconstriction refers to a decrease in the radius of a vessel: true. Organs that do not adjust the blood are more vulnerable to reductions in blood flow than are organs that perform homeostatic functions on the blood: true. Anatomical positions (inferior, superior, medial, lateral, etc. ) Decrease in ca2+ turns off the sliding process. Thin filaments on each side of the sarcomere slide inward over stationary thick filaments toward center of a band during contraction. As thin filaments slide inward, they pull z lines closer together. Activated cross bridge bends toward center of thick filament, rowing in thin filament to which it is attached. Motor unit one motor neuron and the muscle fibres it innervates. Number of muscle fibres varies among different motor units. Number of muscle fibres per motor unit and number of motor units per muscle vary widely. Muscles that produce precise, delicate movements contain fewer fibres per motor unit.