MUAR 211 Study Guide - Bernart De Ventadorn, Guillaume De Machaut, George Frideric Handel

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One of the first and only women composers to be remembered from the middle ages. Benedictine abbess, visionary (her visions were recorded in scrivas), writer, composer, medical personnel, diplomat consulted by kings and popes. Finest troubadour poets, very imitated, very important musically. Grew from a humble background to serve the queen. P rotin (c. 1200: p rotin was famous for organa in 3 and 4 voices, monk and musician, anon. 4 wrote that he was the greatest composer of organum: contributed to the magnus liber organi. Guillaume de machaut (1300-1377: a priest who served the courts of france and luxembourg, greatest composer and french poet of his day. Came from french speaking area of northern europe. One of the greatest composers of the renaissance. Remained in print for over 100 years! Josquin is master of the notes which must express what he desires; on the other hand, other choral composers must do what the notes dictate. god has.