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Emad Mohammad

Introduction (chapter 1)  7 questions  Any and all definitions of an organization  Tie that into all definitions of OB  Be able to pick off topics that belong to Micro, Meso and Macro  Bulk comes from the continuum  Human relations: Bring the arrow from productivity back  Contingency: make sure that you study the iceberg (sheet)  Difference between prescriptive (above the water line) non prescriptive (below the water line)  Mintzberg’s roles  Managerial activities/roles  Week 1 what do you know about OB sheet Perception (chapter 3)  20 questions  What is meant by perception and what are the three critical components  Social identity theory  Five stage model (bottom three most important)  Attribution errors (scenarios and know which error is committed)  Three questions on the three cues  9 questions from errors  Nupath foods (find five errors)  How we see perception in the workplace (read about performance appraisal, harassment, selection interview)  Answer five perception questions (in document) Personality, Values and Attitudes (ch. 2, ch. 4)  14 questions  Big five factor and other variables (at least 7)  Hofstead’s model for cross-cultural values p. 114-116  Generational values  Questions for attitudes (job satisfaction and organizational commitment)  Facet vs. overall, three types of commitment  CI and EI  IQ, EQ, CQ  How to define CI and EI Motivation  26 question  Every theory from chapter 5 and 6 and put it into the three C’s  Content theory  Cognitive perspective (equity, expectancy, goal setting theory)  Different kinds of fairness in textbook  The name of the managerial technique that uses goal setting principles (management by objectives –MBO)  Contextual: changing the exter
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