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Geography Notes Chapter 1 Regions of Canada regional selfinterest a logical outcome of regional identityconsciousness shows its face in the centralistdecentralist faultlineregional geography the geographic study of a particular part of the worldregionalism divides countries into diff partsCanada consists of several distinct regionsCanada is divided into 6 regions for several reasons 1 needs to be divided 6 regions allow us to graph Canadas geography 2 an effort has been made to balance these regions by their geographic size economic importanceppltn sizeallowing for comparisonswhat distinguishes each region Geographic location historical dvlpt variations in area ppltneconomic strength 1 Ontario automobile manufacturing 2 Quebec hydroelectric power 3 BC forest industry 4 Western Canada agriculture 5 Atlantic Canada fisheries 6 The Territorial North megaprojectsEvents that changed Canada o The Auto Pact end of baby boom immigration Future events that might change Canada o Shift in the manuf economies to higher valueadded production requiring highly skilled labour o energy prod from the oil sands o more diversified agriculture ASSIGNMENT Faultlines the geological phenomenon of cracks in the earths crust caused by tectonic forcesto the economic socialpolitical cracks that divide regionsppl in Canadathreaten to destabilize Canadas integrity as a nation4 divisions win Canada 1 CentralistDecentralist 2 EnglishFrench 3 OldNew Canadians 4 AboriginalNonAboriginal Canadiansea faultline has played a fundamental role in Canadas historic evolutionremain critical todayCanada is evolving at a more rapid rate due to 1 pptneconomic power are shifting from Atlantic Canada Quebeceven Ontario to western CanadaBCdue to a slowdown in manuf from depletion of resources2 the pluralistic nature of Cndn society Pluralism is a relatively new phenomenon in Canada overriding the biculturalism represented by the FrenchEnglish
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