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Walter Peace

The Physical Environment IIThe Legacy of the Ice Ages1 Pleistocene Epoch p 3638began nearly 2myaseveral advancesretreats of continental ice sheets glacialinterglacial periods from 1myBP10000yBP 2 Holocene Epochmost recentcurrent geological time periodbegan 10000 years ago Most recent glacial periodWisconsin ice age began 67000 years agoMax extent of Wisconsin ice sheet reached 18000ya Previous ice agesIllinoisanKansanNebraskanTheories re causes of ice ages focus on variations in the Earths orbit around the sun which affect the amntdistribution of sunlight solar energy reaching the Earth3 Cycles 1 Precession the Earths elliptical orbit around the sun affects the timing of seasons 1900023000 years orbit is smallercloser to suntemps 2 Tilt the earths axis of rotation is tilted varying slightly abovebelow 23 degrees 41000 years 3 Eccentricity the shape of the Earths rotation on it axis from more circular to more elliptical putting the Earth closer tofarther from the sun ie axis of rotation wobbles 100000 yearsMax extent of Wisconsin ice sheetsee Fig 22reached 1800025000 yareached into American midwest south of Grt Lakesice depth 3200mcenter of sheet 1600msouthern edgeice melted from southern Ont 1500010000yaIsotactic Reboundsee vignette 24 p42glacial landforms result of various processes 1 erosion by ice 2 deposition by ice
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