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near north

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Walter Peace

The Near North Regional boundariesphysical vs Bones use of political boundaries40 of Canadas area 8 of ppltnThe Near North as o Transitional region bw inhabited southlargely uninhabited north also transitional in terms of economyenvt o Physical barrier o Resources o Identity noridicitydegree of northrerness o Hinterland regionThe Physical Envt 2 46M kmOther namesLaurentian HighlandUplandsPrecambrian rock mostly graniteLow relief due to repeated glaciation diff bw highlow elevation is typically smallPrototypical Cndn landscapelakes rock forest Muskeg bogmarsh formed by the accumulation of decaying organic matter found in arcticsubarctic envtEffect on physical envt on settlement o Agri settlement limited to Clay Belts OntQue Border o Concentration of ppltn on southern edge of regiono Urban system based on resource towns mill towns mining townscompany towns linear settlement pattern along rail lines Due to vast physical expanseregion lacks geographic focus3 subregional centers o Thunder Bay 122907 o Sudbury 1582582006 ppltn o ChicoutimiJonquiere 151643Physical resource base o Forest productswood pulppaper o Minerals o Hydroelectric powerFactors affecting resource dvlpt o Economic accessibility of resources o Environmental concerns o External economic factorsglobalization foreign competition demand o Native land claims Alternative ideas for economic dvlpt o Retirement communitiesElliot Lake o Waste disposalTimmins Kirkland Lake o EcotourismTemagami
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