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Political Science
Andrew Lui

victors in such disarray. Why was their ideology and system of government not working? So people started to question democracy and liberalism. States around the world thought maybe Hitler and Mussolini had it right. That maybe there is something to fascism. Fascism is essentially:  There's usually a militaristic leader, which has a particular narrative for leading his people.  It works along the principle of corporatism. Communism is known as an attempt to create a class-less society. Fascism says people are unequal.  Prior to this time, there was no word for genocide. Discrimination against minority groups if not elimination was virtually justifiable.  WWII starts.  What many scholars had called this particular period, it's a period of utopia. These various currents are used anonymously. There was a belief that ending war was still possible. Through science, communication, free trade, progress, belief in individuals, and "the harmony of interest", we can eradicate war. What was the harmony of interest? Various states might be good at producing or contributing something to the international economy better than others. So there's a trade. Realism September-14-11 4:26 PM Why did fascism have such an appeal?  We learned a few things from the great depression  After that set in, people were left to their own devices. That created a cyclical effect. Unlike places like Germany which instituted "corporatist" policies. Theory and History of international relations go together.  Previous to the WWI, war was seen as something rational. It was the sport of kings. Foreign policy was also known as the "sport of kings". And the people who conducted foreign policy were the elite, and all generally spoke French.  Early IR scholars, especially idealism, believed that war is not rational. If we were a little more rational we can try to eradicate war.
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