GEOL 106 Study Guide - High Island, Inner Core, Calcite

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Do readings from textbook: chapter 1; pages 2-11; pages 19-27. Minimizing the risk and scale of unplanned or undesirable perturbations in such systems is an obvious earth system engineering objective. Risk analysis and risk management: how to mitigate hazards, we carry this out in order to minimize damage from hazards, disasters and catastrophes. In the last 2 years the world has suffered some of the biggest earthquakes with some of the largest causalities of the last 800 years. The earthquake with the most causalities of the last 800 years was in china with over 800,000 deaths: definition of hazard: Something which might cause harm to people (death, injury, property damage etc. There is a hazard because although there are no humans, there is human property on mars that costs millions of dollars. Definition of natural hazards : anthropogenic hazards (human induced)

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