BUS 223 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Grand Banks Of Newfoundland, Photosynthesis, Natural Capital

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16 Mar 2017

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Chapter 7 ethical decision making: technology & privacy in workplace. Introduction: privacy issues in the workplace rise ethical issues involving individual rights & those involving utilitarian consequences. It is perhaps that choice of limitation or control that is the source of one"s sense of privacy. Highly offensive to a reasonable person : many recent court decisions w/ regard to monitoring specifically seem to depend on whether the worker had notice that the monitoring might occur. Linking the value of privacy to the ethical implications of technology. Other forms of monitoring: polygraphs or medical tests, polygraph & drug testing, physical & electronic surveillance, third-party background checks, & psychological. Balancing interests right to privacy: consider whether monitoring could be made ethical or humane, one suggestion is to give due notice to employees that they will be monitored, plus the opportunity to avoid monitoring for certain situations.