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FSN 232
Joanne Mc Neish

Faulhaber Communications Christine Faulhaber Discuss: Career Path Relevance of PR What we Do Challenges and Changes in the Industry Where that Leaves you Started at 27 Worked at Fairweather in Retail – was really good Than worked in the office Was good at identifying opportunities She is good at selling ideas Started with just PR ; now A LOT of services – full service agency With new clients, its never cookie cutter approach, need to fully understand what they want and build a relationships Advertising: you pay for your product or service to be featured; pr: other ppl want to feature – isn’t just media She is a no BS girl – gives it to you straight Its important for her to keep her clients and give the best she can If you ever do something wrong, eg lose a client – ask for feedback! Why brands come to us: extension of their brands, ambassadors, strong relationships, passionate and dedicated, results-focused, high tough, creativity and ideas, reporting, polish You must stand out and have a point of view Media coverage (totally changed over the years – social media) clients priorities and focus haven’t changed; party planning (isn’t always producing the whole thing, takes part of an event); brand launches; show room; social media; experiential’ store launch; fashion show planning; new media (challenges and changes); taste makers (can be paid like ambassadors, “I’ll know who I am when I know who im not” no one needs you until you make yourself valuable Fashion Art and Fierceness Gender as Performance - part of our behavior - 1997 Mac campaign – male wearing mac cosmetics 1. Aesthetic regime 2. Is fashion art? 3. Fashion and fierceness – 1. Tina Turner 2. Lady Gaga Aesthetic Regime What are aesthetics? 1. Social construction of visual appearance 2. Shared in a cultural and historic moment (Has the ability to shift – changes through time, as well changes between cultures_ 3. Style Is a nuanced articulation of aesthetics There normally is one dominant type of aesthetic that will dominate; an aesthetic regime – the thing that makes up the beauty ideal What is seen as beautiful drives industry rules, standards etc pressure to follow – it is seen to be legitimate controlled by leaders: anna, designers change the aesthetic regime by introducing new things – but only added if legitimized by the gate keepers processs of transformation 1. challenge the status quo 2. controversy 3. acceptanc
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