FNF 100 Study Guide - Final Guide: Health Literacy, Social Isolation, 6 Years

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18 Oct 2016

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Focus on Social Determinants of Health
The social determinants of health refer to both the specific features of, and pathways by which societal
conditions affect health and that potentially can be altered by informed actions.” ~ Washington State Dept, 2002
Awareness / education can change outcomes, 'warning signs'
Informed decisions / actions lead to improved lives / health of Canadians
Welcoming, optimistic take on the state of health - lost of opportunity for change
Nitty-gritty, life course, early childhood education, race and ethics, social gradient, gender, age, socio-
economic status, occupation, trajectories - important pathways in which we can understand people's
experiences and how outcomes are altered, what areas of inquiry are - "wake up call"
How do pathways play out in the lives of Canadians? some predictable, some can be altered
Influences on Health - expanding understanding beyond traditional ideas around health (diet, lifestyle,
biomedical understanding - important, but only one piece of larger puzzle). Not simply about keeping fit:
Feeling in control
Having access to health care
Being able to make choices
How social context impacts health outcomes
Coping with and managing day to day activities
Taking measures to improve life circumstances
Improving health literacy, expanding awareness
Investing in Health
Investments in basic determinants of health will profoundly improve the health of Canadians most exposed to
threatening conditions the poor, the marginalized, and those Canadians excluded from participation in
aspects of Canadian society by virtue of their living conditions therefore providing health benefits for all
Canadians.” ~ York University, 2002
How can we invest to promote optimal incomes? - focus on children: how they're treated, fed, spoken to
Poverty plays potentially detrimental role in lives of small children, puts them at disadvantage
Importance on investing in children = overall health experiences/consequences are greatly improved
Health As A Collective Concept... individually, all listed below are important, but social context is
complicated, all aspects are interrelated and important in relation to overall improved health:
Health Services
Social Environments
Social Support Network
Physical Environments
Income and Social Status
Personal Health Practices
Healthy Child Development
Biology and Genetic Endowment
Main Determinants of Health
Layers of Influence (personal to political)
Dahlgren & Whitehead (1991)
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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