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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Shavin Malhotra

Lecture 8: Management Strategy Techniques at arriving designing at strategies Porters 5 forces BCG SWOT analysis Business level strategies o Catered foucsed to particular market business o Common: Cost leadership Firm A &Firm B = both sell product at same price Firm B= higher economic val profit bc cost o Produce product at lower cost compared to A o Lower cost manufacturer in industry = more profit Invest in latest tech, generate economic scale, increase learning in producing extra more products = reduce overall cost EX: Walmart reduce costs at level of supplier customer relationship o buy in bulk = materials at much less cost o Sourcing raw materials Ex: Southwest Airlines US airlines o Lowest among competitors o Offer basis min in flights Ex: Ryan Air - Europe o Cheapest airline tix win Europe Ex: Timex highly competitive = Positioning of watch o Practical www.notesolution.com
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