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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 102
Debashish Roy

CHAPTER ONEMoores Law o More performance computing power roughly doubles every 18 months because of increased transistor counts o Decreasing cost Packing more transistors into less space has dramatically reduced their cost and the cost of the products they populate This law became a standard within all global industries keep up with the advancement of technology this lead to a highly competitive industryfastest most productive and innovatie industries in the world What is Information systemInformation system organized collection of people information business processes and information technology designed to transform inputs into outputs in order to achieve a goal Key wordsInput Items entered into a system to transform them into outputProcess A series of one or more steps to transform input into outputOutputEnd result of a process Information is the result of the transformation productserviceDataraw Facts Information processed organized transformed data that can be usefulKnowledge information added to human experience and judgementIT Physical component of IS hardware software Business process transformations from input to output to achieve goalsBusiness value positive return on the investment of resources created through the effective and efficient integratin of an organizations people info IT and business process o IT hardware software connectivity o IS the goal processes and people components Productivity zoneThe balance between the elements of people process and technology o Greatest profit and productivity as a result Types of IS found in a businessThese services perform a wide variety of tasks and services Each being vital to the efficient and effective operation of most modern businesses Regardless of the type businesses connect people information hardware and software to achieve goals and to create value o TPS transaction processing system captures and processes transactions to make them available to the organizationo MIS management processing system Through processing and reporting features an MIS provides timely information to decision makers o DSS decision support system Provides analytical and visualization tools to support and enhance decision making and planning o ERP Enterprise resource planning Integrates and standardizes processes and centralizes and standardizes the storage and management of data o CRM Customer relationship management system Intregrates data collection transformation storage and analysis of customer transaction data including purchases service requests and other forms of customer contact
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