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Information Technology Management
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ITM 407
Margaret Plaza

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QUESTION 1  What is ICT?  Give an example of ICT that provides value to an individual who is physical or mentally disadvantaged?  What could happen to prevent that individual from continuing to get the benefits from the ICT?  What suggestion would you have to reduce the likelihood of number 3 above, occurring?  Do you think that we, as a society, should be concerned about how this individual is affected by the above situation? QUESTION 2  What is a profession?  Give an example of an ICT professional in a bank’s IT department. Describe the job they do.  What criteria do you think are used to determine if they have done a good job?  Give an example of a stakeholder they are responsible for.  What is an ethical issue that they might have to address to be responsible to the environment? to employees? To customers? QUESTION 3  Corporations are made up of individuals.
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