MHR 405 Final: MHR405 Notes Chapter 6,8,9,10,11&13 - Perfect for Final Exams

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Communication: effective communication: the process by which the information is exchanged between a sender and a receiver with the goal of reaching mutual understanding, communication process model: Low context cultures: cultures that depend on language to express thoughts feelings, and ideas as clearly and logically as possible. High context cultures: cultures that value language as a way to maintain social harmony. Filtering: deleting, delaying or softening negative information as it moves up the hierarchy so that is sounds more favorable. E val uat: non verbal communication : Kinesics : the study of body movements, including posture. Proxemics : the study of interpersonal spaces across cultures: communication on barriers. Manipulates subordinates, twists and distorts message tra teg y. Minimal personal support and remains indifferent to employees. Reminds employees who is in charge, makes employees feel inadequate. Dogmatic and unwilling to accept mistakes up eri ori ty ert ain ty.

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