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Exam outline

Human Resources
Course Code
MHR 523
Margaret Yap
Study Guide

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Exam outline
April 13, 2011
Coverage: chapter 10 to chapter 16
o60 multiple choice (60 marks)
o10 short answer questions (40 marks)
Chapter 10: Performance management
oWhy do it?
oWho does it?
oCriteria for effective goals/objectives
oMethods: advantages and disadvantages
oRaters errors and how to avoid them
Chapter 11/12: Total rewards and Pay for Performance
oWhat are total rewards?
oJob evaluation methods compensable factors, wage curve, bands and ranges
oWhat is P4P? Why P4P?
oLong term/Short term ; group/individual
oDo P4P plans always work?
oTypes of incentives and incentive plans
oGender wage gap
Chapter 13: Benefits
oGovernment-legislated (federal/provincial)
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