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SOC 102 Study Guide - Antipositivism, Critical Theory, Verstehen

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SOC 102
Terry Roswell

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Chapter 2
Common sense Versus Scientific evidence
"poor people are far more likely than rich people to break the law"
Canada is a middle-class society in which people are more or less equal
Poor people don't want to work
Differences in the behavior of females and males are just "human natural'
Most people marry because they are in love
Three ways to do sociology
Scientific Sociology
Guiding principle is objectivity, personal neutrality, facts should not be
coloured by the blases of the researchers
Relies on quantitative data/structural functionalist perspective
Interpretive sociology
the study of society that focuses on the meaning people attach to their social
Guiding principle is understanding or "Verstehen
Relies on qualitative data/ symbolic interaction theory
Critical sociology
the study of society that focuses on the need for change
An activist approach to improve on society
Views all research such as biased either calls for change or doesn't/ social
conflict approaches
Qualitative research vs. Quantitative research
Qualitative research
the close examination of characteristics that cannot be counted or measured
Qualitative Methods of research
a research method in which groups are studied through fieldwork
Methods used to gather info include: participant observation: becoming a
member of a group to experience that group first hand
Semi-structured interview: informal, face to face interviews
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