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Ryerson University
SOC 102
Terry Roswell

Chapter 2 Common sense Versus Scientific evidence • "poor people are far more likely than rich people to break the law" • Canada is a middle-class society in which people are more or less equal • Poor people don't want to work • Differences in the behavior of females and males are just "human natural' • Most people marry because they are in love Three ways to do sociology Scientific Sociology • Guiding principle is objectivity, personal neutrality, facts should not be coloured by the blases of the researchers • Relies on quantitative data/structural functionalist perspective Interpretive sociology • the study of society that focuses on the meaning people attach to their social world • Guiding principle is understanding or "Verstehen • Relies on qualitative data/ symbolic interaction theory Critical sociology • the study of society that focuses on the need for change • An activist approach to improve on society • Views all research such as biased either calls for change or doesn't/ social conflict approaches Qualitative research vs. Quantitative research Qualitative research • the close examination of characteristics that cannot be counted or measured Qualitative Methods of research Ethnography • a research method in which groups are studied through fieldwork • Methods used to gather info include: participant observation: becoming a member of a group to experience that group first hand Semi-structured interview: informal, face to face interviews •
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