Hormones and Endocrine System

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Biological Sciences
BISC 101
Tony Williams

Chapter 45 Hormones and Endocrine System General Concepts y hormone organic chemical messenger y synthesizedsecreted by glandular endocrine and neurosecretory neuroendocrine cells y transported in circulation bloodhemolymph and have action on distant target cellstissues y hormones only affect target cells with highly specific receptors which recognize and bind with hormones y one hormone with many actions pleiotropy tropic hormonesEndocrine systems can be defined by distance and mode of action a endocrine signaling secreted molecules diffuse into the bloodstream and trigger responses in target cells anywhere in the body b paracrine signaling secreted molecules diffuse locally and trigger responses in neighboring cells e neuroendocrine signaling neurohormones diffuse into the bloodstream and trigger responses in target cells anywhere in the bodyA single characteristic affects all main properties of hormones Watersoluble nonlipophilic some poly pep insulin amines epinephrine y Do not pass ea
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