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Biomedical Physio & Kines
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BPK 140
Diana Bedoya

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How does the WHO define health? What’s the difference between health and wellness? What are the main features of the quality of life model? What are the 6 dimensions of wellness? What does each refer to? What is the difference between the wellness model and the treatment (aka medical) model? How do social determinants affect health and how can they be improved? Explain/have an understanding of the factors that shape positive behaviour change and the factors that improve the likelihood of behaviour change success What is stress? Outline the 5 main categories of stressors. What is the difference between eustress and distress? What are their effects on health? Explain the stages of general adaptation syndrome using the term homeostasis as a starting point Contrast the sort term versus long term effects of stress on the body? Which effects are negative in the long term? What is a defence mechanism? How do these relate to stress? Have a good understanding of what each one means. What are the three general approaches to stress? Explain the different relaxation techniques offered in the course materials. What criteria should you use to evaluate the credibility of health information? Describe the different types of evidence used in health claims. Which are strengths/limitations of each? What is psychological health and what are its two components? Understand the difference between each component. Explain the different elements of emotional intelligence Define: altruism, values, moods, self-esteem, self-efficacy, empathy and self-awareness, autonomy Explain Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Those individual said to be functioning at the highest level of personal fulfillment are called__________________________ According to Erik Erikson, what main psychosocial conflict does each age group deal with? What characterizes a mentally healthy individual? You should have a clear understanding of what characterizes each mental illness including: all the anxiety disorders, mood disorders, attention disorders and schizophrenia. Include its associated symptoms. What advice is offered by the course materials as to what to do if someone you know is thinking about committing suicide? What is the single most important thing you can do? Differentiate between the types of therapists and treatments for mental illness. What is the difference between physical activity, physical fitness, sports and exercise? What are the health-related components of physical fitness? Which is the most neglected? The most important? What are the performance-related components of fitness? What are the health benefits of exercise? What are the risks? What are the newest physical activity recommendations for Canadians (both adults and children)? Be specific. What is the FITT principle? What are the FITT recommendations for cardiorespiratory, strength and flexibility training? Explain: reversibility, SAID principle (specificity), overload principle What is the difference between aerobic and anaerobic fitness? What are the principles for designing an appropriate a) strength training workout? b) aerobic workout? What is the difference between static, dynamic and PNF stretching? When is each recommended? What is the proper way to stretch after your workout? What are signs that an individual may be overtraining? How can an individual protect themselves from athletic injuries? What is osteoporosis? How can you minimize your risk for it? For each nutrient, you should know its main functions in the body, the different types of that nutrient and if it yields energy, how much. What’s the difference between a complete and an incomplete protein? What is fibre? What are the two main types of fibre, and how do their health benefits differ? What are the take hom
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