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Andrew Blaber

PDE ch1, 2 -natural philosophers say a wise/educated person is one who knows the truth about the things natural -sophists taught young boys how to agrue persuasively ~i like. Children starting at a young age...communicating is always a good technique in life -socrates says the educated person is one who knows their limits, or what they don't know. -socrates says dialogue...talking b/w speakers reveal a truth..and has knowledge -plato defines education as: leading another from their belief and knowledge ~metaphor: we uneducated people are like chains in cave...we see shadows and we think they are real things..but education leads outside the cave and into the bright light plato's apology -apology in greek means: a defence, and in this writing, it's about socrates' defending himself -apparently the prophecy of delphi says he is wisest of all men, but socrates states that he must be the wisest, by knowing nothing (doesn't mean that he doesn't know anything. .just that nobody should say he knows something and having absolute certainty...having false wisdom is ignorance ~knowing nothing means you are guessing, and this means that you are teachable ~it's like saying there's no absolute truth ~thinking that you know, closes your mind ~the more you think you know, it might not be the truth but you close your mind to it -sorates treated fairly? No ~just because he made some people look like fools , refused to recognize the gods of that state, and apparently corrupting the children's minds (by teaching some techniques) doesn't mean he should die ~there was no free speech during that era -charges against him for: ^^^^ -i like socrates teaching style because he's not actually teaching and telling a student, for example in history, that this is what happened and you must follow that. He doesn't accept a fact of face value, and keeping it as a truth. He also asks a lot of questions and considers any pespective. He basically has an open mind. -intellectual truth is more true that physical truth: Theory of form: -That there exists a god/creator who is pure thought and has no physical being, but has created the physical universe. -The physical universe is made up of copies of the thought universe which exists only in the mind of the creator. -believed that all physical existence was essentially unworthy; the world of thought being far superior, and looked forward to an afterlife of pure thought. Wisdom in 'the republic' -eg: ruler who runs a city bec of his wisdom means that the city is run by his wisdom -courage and wisdom Socrates outlines the education that should be given to the guardian which will help them escape the cave (cave analogy). Socrates says we only need use our thought or reason when our sens give us ambiguous information. Educated person is....a person who knows how to listen and learn from life experiences. I've known people who are smarter than those who have taken dental degrees. a good balance of book and street smarts is also good. CHAPTER 2: ARISTOTLE -aristoltle refused to allow the human mind to impose in the natural world -before drawing to a conclusion, have a lot of supporting information and analysis, and just think that that may be the truth; having human potential -concluded that all things possess a acorn and oak tree (metaphor: for an educator.. a farmer or forester, plants this acorn at the right place and way, and grows into an educator. Aka oak tree) ~every organism performs differently (animals perform things t
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