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Ch 3 The concept of education

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EDUC 230
Robin Barrow

Ch 3 The concept of education1RS Peters sees education has normative implicationshas the criterion built into it that something worthwhile should be achieved1Something worthwile has been transmitted in a morally acceptable manner1Would be contradicting if a man has been educated but didnt changed for the better2Lots of money is spent on education because pple think education is a good thing1Education has favourable emotive meaning1Consider John Holts book How Children Fail1There are certain important parts of the human knowledge that everyone should know2What society considers educated is to be qualified to live intelligently in todays world and be a useful member of the society depending on the amount of intelligence you have3It is the role of schools to give this intelligence to childrenwe force them to indulge in knowledge even if they dont want to 1If there are things where students want to learn about these ideas are absurdnonsense2School should be a place where children learn what they want to know instead of what we think they should know1These points above is what Holt
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