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HIST 101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Responsible Government, Byrsonima Crassifolia, Egerton Ryerson

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HIST 101
John- Henry Harter
Study Guide

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Royal Proclamation of 1763 (156)
-The Royal Proclamation was a result of a plan to incorporate the former French
territories into the British Empire.
-It set out the policy for governing the newly obtained territories and for relations
with Native people in North America.
-It also tried to limit the former French colonists to their existing settlements along the
St. Lawrence.
-The Historical Significance - To historians this showed the power that land had in
North America, and it showed how powerful the British Empire was becoming in
North America.
-The Royal Proclamation was a sign that North America now belonged to the British,
and any exchange of land must be approved with them.
Metis Nation
-Refers to the people who were of European and Aboriginal heritage
-During the French regime, interracial marriage between European men involved in the
fur trade and Native women was common.
-This relation was mostly frowned upon
-The Historical Significance - Metis Nation were treated differently. The job reserve
for the Metis people were low in status and pay. No matter how good of an employee a
Metis was, due to their decent, they had no chance of advancement.
-In addition, communications between fur trades and Native women were frowned
upon by the Roman Catholic Church, and forbidden by the Hudson's Bay
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Sylvia van Kirk and Jennifer Brown
-The books by these two women filled an important gap in the research of the role
Native women played in the trade.
-They wrote on the domestic realm and demonstrated the danger of separating family
life from the overall operation of the fur trade.
-They emphasized that Native women of the fur trade provided their husbands with
more than sex, companionship and babies.
-Their unpaid labour was crucial to the fur trade. Their knowledge of local language
and geography also made them valuable as interpreters, guides and diplomats.
-The Historical Significance - They stressed the importance of Native women in those
days. Claiming that they bridged the pre-contact period and fur trade in ways that
maintained much of their traditional economic and social power.
Responsible Government (267):
-Responsible government is a government that is responsible to the people. The
members of the government are elected by the people and would then have to
represent and answer to the people.
-Before responsible government, the governor would appoint members into government
who he believed held the greatest interests for the British Empire.
-Eventually parliamentary government was established in the colonies, and the people
gained more power to govern themselves.
-The Historical Significance - The introduction of responsible government in Canada
allowed people to have more freedom in terms of society and economics.
-They enjoyed more social freedoms in the sense that they were no longer constrained
to feudal hierarchies and were free to move up and down the social ladder.
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