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Francois Larose

Section II RACISIM South Africa and the ApartheidHistorical PerspectivesSouth Africa wasin the 17th century by the Dutch and the British as a stopover on the route to India The Expansion od the trade with india brought more settlers and resulted in the conflicts with native groups over land After the discovery of important mines the british and dutch fought for control After they get there independence the two groups shared the powerNo need to know the dates1910 the stablishment of the demosractic state where only the whites could vote191387 land goes to white and 13 to black1948 Following the election of the Afrikaner National Party the apartheidcomplete segregation for whites and black was instituted to consolidate white domination and the socioeconomic control State consolidated laws were created to officially discriminate called ApartheidBlacks had to be registered and carry passports to track their movement with the country to track rebillionThe apartheid included jobs for white onlyAll south africans were identidied as Black white coloured the indians and others giving different rights to different peopleEducation for balcks bantueducation was restricted to certain subjects such as dishwashing and weedingComplete segregation in private and public affairs were enforcedOutlawed marriages btw white and nonwhitesA person could not be considered white if one of his or her parents were nonwhite A white person was defined asin appearance obviously a white person or generally accepted as a white person obviously white means How they found out if you are white was based on education and how they spoke and your habits etc Racial passing mean you are a part of a racist group black but since you look white you would want to become white1950 the government created Homeland reserves where all the blacks were to live and people were removed forcefullyLaws were created so that almost any dissident groups could be banned any groups of plotting1958 homelands were given semiautonomous status and left to solve their problems themselves problem is that the 13 land they have has nothingblacks required passports to enter SA or if leaving the homeland1960 The Grand apartheid anyone suspected of plotting against the government they could be taken to jail Mandela
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