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Study Guides for Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies at University of Alberta (U OF A)

U OF APERLS104Jay SchererFall

PERLS104- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 128 pages long!)

OC1277782128 Page
A quality of the mind that encourages individuals to connect personal troubles with public issues of social structure and historical social relations.
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U OF APERLS207Nancy Spencer- CavaliereFall

PERLS207- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 77 pages long!)

OC126769177 Page
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U OF APERLS104Jay SchererFall

PERLS104 Study Guide - Final Guide: Warrior, Cultural Homogenization, Physical Culture

OC127778268 Page
Who can participate in the sport and under what rules and practices. How are the men socialized into and through the sport (i. e. , not only the rules
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U OF APERLS104Jay SchererWinter

PERLS104 Study Guide - Final Guide: Chinese Canadians, Qigong, Urban Sprawl

OC92873720 Page
Taboo recreation has multiple names: purple reaction (curtis), abnormal leisure (rojak), deviant leisure: high culture purple means death. Marvel fan v
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U OF APERLS104Jay SchererFall

PERLS104 Study Guide - Final Guide: Vanoc, Profit Maximization, Flor

OC31784219 Page
It is important not to reify society or social structures: giving a concept and abstract human characterisic. Society does simply tell us how to act: s
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U OF APERLS105Andrew MasonFall

PERLS 105 Final: PERLS 105 Final Study Guide

OC5055108 Page
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U OF APERLS204Pearl Ann ReichweinWinter

PERLS 204 Final: PERLS 204 final notes.pdf

OC31784257 Page
Film festival: canadian women in sport: films and guest lecture in class only, what happened when women ran track and eld at the ioc games for the rst
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U OF APERLS207Nancy Spencer- CavaliereWinter

PERLS207 Study Guide - Final Guide: Autonomic Nervous System, Pressure Ulcer, Electrical Muscle Stimulation

OC31784270 Page
Perls 207: adapted pa & leisure for diverse populations running notes #2. Thursday, february 12th adapted physical activity & recreation for individual
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U OF APERLS304Sean RyanWinter

PERLS304 Study Guide - Final Guide: Vertical Integration, Meritocracy, Heteronormativity

OC229474 Page
Start with class notes, then go back to the reading and see which is important. If something is in the notes, its important. Similar in some respect to
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U OF APERLS335Wendy DoughtyFall

PERLS335 Study Guide - Final Guide: Northlands Coliseum, Swot Analysis, Rexall

OC229478 Page
Perls 335 final: have to incorporate textbook concepts for full marks. If its a community event, we can think ahead to what we would need: when you wri
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U OF APERLS207Joel EdwardsWinter

Final exam for Perls 207.doc

OC229472 Page
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U OF APERLS105Leah Hall DorothyWinter

PERLS 105 Final Exam Review

OC229472 Page
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