HIST 2200- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 72 pages long!)

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11 Oct 2017

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The legacy of rome in the middle ages. Classical history (ancient greece and rome) > medieval europe > early modern europe > Torch of western heritage passed on from period to period (history viewed as a relay) Nationalism: countries focused on teaching history by discussing their own countries history. Legacy left from rome in the middle ages: latin (romance languages, military theory, architecture, education, law, history. Medieval society didn"t live in the shadows of roman history b/c they were thinking about what they were going to eat next. Writing, sculptures, buildings were much less sophisticated. Society lost a lot of history during the fall of rome b. c we couldn"t replicate things that they had done. French, spanish, english, italian all have bases in latin languages. Everyone knew some of it (unless you were uneducated) St. augustine of hippo (trivium - speech, quadrivium - numeracy were the most important aspects of education)

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