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NUTR 1010
Andrea Buchholz

Final Exam Practice QuestionsBone Health1T or F Bones are living organs2List 3 functions of bones3What are the 2 types of bone What percentage of our skeleton is comprised of each type4What is hydroxyapatite5Bones are made of hydroxyapatite and 6Describe the 3 processes of bone development7What enzyme is responsible for breaking bone down during bone resorption And where do the brokendown bone minerals go8What enzyme is responsible for building new bone during bone formation9True of False During bone formation the collagen matrix mineralizes around hydroxyapatite10T or F Skeletal maturity occurs when bones reach their final length and shape11At what age does skeletal maturity occur12T or F Peak bone mass occurs when bones reach their final diameter13At what age does peak bone mass occur14T or F Peak bone mass is heavily influenced by diet and exercise215True of False Bone mineral density is measured in grams per cm16What does bone mineral density represent17Does bone mineral density increase or decrease with age18What does DXA stand for19What is DXA used for20T or F The DXA Tscore compares bone density to the highest peak bone density of a healthy 30yearold adult 21What do the following DXA Tscores indicate a 10 to 00b10 to 25c30 t04022Describe 4 characteristics of osteoporosis23What does osteoporosis mean24True of False Osteoporosis is the most prevalent bone disease in North America25Why does the risk for osteoporosis increase with age26T or F Women have four times the risk of developing osteoporosis than men27How does estrogen influence the risk for osteoporosis28List 3 risk factors for osteoporosis that are nonmodifiable29List 3 risk factors for osteoporosis that are modifiable30List 2 major nutrients and 2 minor nutrients involved in bone health31T or F 85 of the bodys phosphorus is stored in our bones as part of trebecular bone32List 3 roles phosphorus has in the body33What happens when a person has too much phosphorus To whom is this likely to happen34Where do we get phosphorus in our diets35What is the most abundant mineral in our body36T or F Calcium takes up 4 of body weight3799 of calcium can be found in these 2 areas38What part of bone structure provides strength and rigidity39What does the Ca bank help maintain401 of Calcium is found in two areas What are they41What does Ca help transmit How does Ca accomplish this42When does muscle contraction occur43The remaining 1 of Ca also does 4 more important things What are they44What is range of normal blood Ca levels in mmolL45What condition occurs when you have too little Ca What are the symptoms46What condition occurs when you have too much Ca What are the symptoms47T or F Dietary Ca on RARE occasions can contribute to blood Ca48What is bioavalablity 49What is the bioavailability of Ca for adults Is it higher or lower for children For pregnant women50List the 5 ways in which bioavailability for Ca varies Give examples of each51T or F The AI accounts for differences in Ca bioavalability between various foods52T or F When we consume too much Ca the first thing that happens is that our blood calcium levels increase53How does the body react when we consume too much Ca54How does the body react when we consume too little Ca55List 3 types of people who may need Ca supplements56What types of Ca supplement offer the best absorption What is their bioavailability
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