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RS110 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Sourdough, Mass Suicide, Sukkot

Religious Studies
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Peter Frick
Study Guide

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Common methodological assumptions:
Monotheism only one God
o God is the highest being ontologically
Revelation self disclosure of God
~ The way of Torah
Revelation/5 books of Moses
the way of the Jewish people
Jewish Bible
Hebrew Bible, Tanakh, Old Testament
Tanakh Torah, Neviim, Ketuvim
Torah - laws
Neviim prophets
Ketuvim historical writings
Megilloth some sections read during the Jewish festivals
Minor prophets they are considered as one book unlike the Christian Bible that considers each one as
separate; shorter that the Neviim
Origin and History
Question of Hermeneutics
- How to interpret scripture
- Ho do e uderstad God said...; a it atuall e a reordig of God
Nature of text
Anthropomorphic language
- God spoke
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- Question of hermeneutics: Do we take things literally or metaphorically?
- Foundation of all three religions
Devine origin of the world
God created the world and everything was good
First the man and then the woman
Ephasis of aked ad ot ashaed – there was nothing to hide; you cannot take
away anything anymore; life was good, not disruptive
Fall of humanity
- Human attempt is to be a little like God by wanting to know the difference between good and
- Conflict enters the world
- Theologically sin entered the world
- Practically from that point, life was disruptive and was no longer perfect; people are no longer
in harmony with each other and with God
- Does religion have anything to do with the fall of humanity?
- Way out of the dilemma the fall of humanity has created
The Patriarchs
Abram, Abraham
o Came from Mesopotamia between the rivers Euphrates and Tigris
o Founding father of Judaism
o Covenant a contract with Israel; through his son, everyone will be saved
o Circumcision of male child on the 8th day
o Wife Sarah
o Ishmael (son with Haggar; sent into the desert), Isaac
o Jacob (12 sons, Joseph in Egypt)
o Sent his sons to Egypt due to the famine
o 11 sons sold Joseph
o Jacob went to Egypt
o Jacob, his sons and their wives settled in Egypt
Slavery in Egypt
Called by God to lead the Israelites from Egypt back into Israel
Pharaoh, 10 plagues
Exodus from Egypt
The giving of Torah at Mt. Sinai
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- The 10 commandments/decalogue (Exodus 20:1-17)
- First 2 take monotheism seriously
- Sabbath
25 hours period of rest, beginning at sundown on Friday
Re-enactment of
Judaism being rooted in the Holy scriptures
- In the beginning, life was good
- Then the fall led to life being disrupted
- God’s a out of this disruptio is that God hose Ara ad ade a oeat ith hi so that
his people can regain Torah
Torah is within the context of the covenant between God and Abraham. The blessings are not just an
independent gift, but a covenant of loyalty
Noachide Laws
Seven laws that were supposed to be universally applied to all of humanity
o Idolatry
o Blasphemy
o Murder
o Sexual sins
o Theft
o Eating blood
o Law of establishing a legal system
Torah is the law of the Israelites and the Noachide laws were meant to be for everyone else
Should religion have a positive effect on humanity?
Torah contd
365 negative commandments; prohibitions one for each day
248 positive commandments one for each part of the body
Shema Israel (Deut 6:4-9)
In Hebrew, shema eas hear
Important prayer in Judaism
Tefillin leather straps attahed to oes that go o a perso’s forehead; a hadritte piee
of prayer is put in these boxes)
Tallith prayer shawl
Kippah - cap
Judges, Kings, and Prophets
Judges 1200-1000BCE
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