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ADM2336 Organizational Behaviour Winter 2006 FINAL EXAM Sample TestMULTIPLE CHOICEChoose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question Answers on last pages1Which of the following are integrative negotiation tactics A Cutting costs B Increasing resources C Framing differences as opportunities D Copious information exchange E All of the above 2According to the Job Characteristics Model what should be done to increase experienced responsibility for work outcomes A Increase autonomy B Increase skill variety C Reduce task identity D Increase task significance E Reduce feedback 3Heloise was happy that the systems manager was fired She incorrectly assumed that everyone else in the company was also happy What perceptual tendency is at work here A Similartome effect B Consensus cues C Projection D Fundamental attribution error E Occupational stereotyping 4Which theory suggests that a social comparison process which affects perceived fairness can have an impact on motivation A McClellands need theory B ERG theory C Need hierarchy theory D Maslows hierarchy of needs E Equity theory5A manager recommends an employee for a promotion because the employee stood up for the manager during a leadership crisis Which reward allocation norm led the superior to recommend this employee for promotion A Social responsibility B Performance C Equality D Reciprocity E Equity 6Distorted communication occurs when people receive information in amanner A Friendly B Formal CProper DFiltered ETimely 17According to the groupthink theory group members who are overconfident and willing to assume great risks are suffering from A An illusion of invulnerability B The knewitallalong effect C An illusion of unanimity D An escalation of commitment E The conservative shift phenomenon 8Which is a potential example of the fundamental attribution error A Pam explained that late report by noting that she wasnt familiar with the new software B Cleo mistook the female vicepresident for a secretary C Joe attributed the car accident to slippery pavement D Rich figured that the team was late because of congested air traffic over Atlanta E Shawn thought that her secretary was the kindest person she had ever met 9Sharon framed the problem as a choice between two losses What is she likely to do now A Ignore economic considerations B Ignore sunk costs C Ignore sample sizes D Make a conservative decision E Make a risky decision E10Organizations that handle a substantial proportion of their own socialization rather than relying on external agents to socialize their members A Wish to foster reliable stable job behaviour over time B Are less susceptible to inbreeding C Expect their recruits to enter the organization with a high degree of anticipatory socialization D Dont socialize very extensively and pretty much accept recruits as they are E Are especially open to new ideas and proceduresA11The group had trouble coordinating its efforts because it was so big This is an example of A A conjunctive task B Punctuated equilibrium C Role ambiguity D Social loafing E A process lossE12Organizational cultures that involve intense and pervasive beliefs values and assumptions are calledcultures A Strong B Symbolic C Pathological AD Ritual E Sub 2
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