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Michael Jonz

Lecture 8EXAM VERSIONNovember2012411 PM Increased Dynamic ChangesDynamic changes of microtubules increase the rate of switching between catastrophe and rescueDecrease of MAP activity by phosphorylationomore dependent on concentrationoMAP stabilizes proteins promotes rescue reduces catastropheoLots of MAPlonger less dynamic microtubulesIncrease of kinesin activity by phosphorylationo destabilize proteinsoResult shorter more dynamic microtubulesoLow levels of tubulin affect growth rate shorter Components of the Mitotic SpindleMicrotubulesAstraloradiate in all directions from centrosomes oforming looking for attachmentoInvolved in anaphase BKinetochore oattach to kinetochore at centromereoattach chromosomes to spindleoInvolved in Overlapointerdigitate at equator of spindle and are responsible for symmetrical biopolar shape of spindlecontact with other microtubules produced by other centrosomeoallow net formationoInvolved in anaphaseMotor proteinsBalance positon of chromosomes in plateEnds are sites of force productionAssembly and dynamics of mitotic spindle rely on shifting balance between opposing plus end directed and minus end directed motor proteinsKinesin related Dynenin Chromosomes chromatidsCentrosome begin nucleation and production of MToCentriolesoPCM Microtubules nucleated by PCM Motor Proteins Contribute to Spindle AssemblyCreate foci at minus ends that form 2 spindle poles slide antiparallel microtubules past each other in the overlap zone of the spindle
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