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Globalization and Communication CMN 2168Chapter 1NotesJust as the printing press and the assembly line were necessary for the industrial revolution so also the internet and modern communication technologies are essential for the international communication revolution Cold war pitting the old soviet union against the USDoes the US stand alone as the worlds super power It did maybe in the 50s and 60s but in the last 10 20 years we see China India and Brazil gaining economical momentum How much foreign content is contained absorbed or assimilated within the cultural domainHow is this foreign content being transmitted Ie internet books TVHow are domestic or indigenous cultures including language being impacted by this foreign content911 why dont they talk about the Pennsylvania crash Or the crash at the pentagon Because it was too small to careNoam Chomskys YouTube videoconsiders the Afghan war to be one of the most immoral situations in history Some countries were forced to create their own original content such as telemundoMcdonaldlization of all societies is possibly inevitable The war of 1812 ended in 1814 took 6 months for news to reach its citizens With technological advances in communication this wouldnt have happened The term parachute journalism is when large numbers of foreign correspondents show up to give a 30 second clip about a story that doesnt really tell a story just flavour of the weekEnds up with a redundancy of information Each news channel wants that story covered LOTS of focus on celebrity gossip YouTube clip Dave Chappelle Ja ruleThere are 4 epochs of global colonization1Militarythe expansion of the roman empire2Christianitythe eastern expansion and promotion of Christianity3MercantileIndustrial revolution age of reason4ElectronicCurrent colonialism seeks to influence control over the mind It is aimed at influencing attitudes desires beliefs lifestyles and consumer behaviour Chapter 2 Development Research Traditions and Global Communication1Developmental communication is an area that has focused on third world issues and how modernization has essentially failed to deliver change in developing nations 39Still stuck where they were 20 years ago no phones no internet where we have 3 computers each 2After six decades of development the Third World or peripheral nations still lack access to modern telecommunications and mass media 393Bottom up or grass roots approach rather that top down which has dominated the field 39Takes the problem that has already happened and sends help Instead of finding the problem right away Known as downstream aidThe idea of upstream aid is going somewhere and preventing the problem before it occurs Upstream aid is cheaper faster and more effectiveDownstream aid is not bad but theres a place for it4Just as educational television in the West failed to bring up about the projected revolution in the classroom the predication that broadcasting was the means by which poor nations could rapidly transform into industrialized nations was similarly off course Televisions being brought into a classroom during 80s Lack of financial incentive to do so Doesnt directly pay for itself right away through ad revenue based economy 405Read all about it youtube clip
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