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Multiple choice1Someone married to more than one person of the opposite sex aPolygamy I put this not sure SbPolyandrycPolygynydGroup marriagee2Everything in society is Gendered3Critical race theory on the basis of civil rights and writings of marthin luther kingMalcolm X4Which one is true textbookaMen are pressured more to be masculine than girl are pressured to femininebFemale are more pressured than guycAdults play a highly influential role more than peers even during school on masculinity and feminitydBothb and d 5Are overgeneralization about the appearance behavior or other characteristics of members of particular groups a Stereotypes6Sexual Orientation usually gives this one for free7Cohabitation which one is trueaPeople who cohabit usually will get marriedbPeople who cohabit are between the ages of 1519cPeople who cohabit does not necessarily mean they will have a stable marriage8What does the readings say is true regarding gender stereotypingaThe media reinforces male and female stereotypesbNewspaperc9How does gender identity develop in peopleabcSocializationd10DefinitionsAnswer 5 out of 7 aDefine and show the difference between racism and ethnocentrism ethnicity bDefine and show the difference between prejudice and discrimination ethnicity cDefine and relate gender role and gender identity genderdDefine second shift And why is it more of a problem for women than mengendereDefine and show the difference between sex and gender genderfDefine social group and social institutiongWhat do sociologist mean by the term racial and ethnic group What is the difference between them ethnicity Short answerAnswer 4 out of 5 aDefine and give an example of all the types of racism
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