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University of Toronto Mississauga
Giampaolo Moraglia

Factors that combine to produce a mental illness: Biological factors: genetic defects, brain damage Psychosocial factors: are also important in producing behaviour- especially to vulnerable people- ex. The loss of a loved one, economic status Diagnostic issues Unsure of whether mental illness increasesdecreases with age- why? Because ones knowledge of age can affect the diagnosis- ex. Mental confusion in young people may be seen as schizophrenia, in older people it may be seen as alzheimers Same set of symptoms may have different meanings depending on different ages, The type of psychological test that is used to diagnose mental ilness may not be suitable for older people Age differences influence types of risk factor: ex. Sensory defect, bereavement- tend to be more frequent with older age group therefore it may be inflated because there is a higher rate of physicalsocial stress- rather than age Interindividual differences: generalizations may be sweeping because alot of variation exists among older people vs younger people Depression seems widespread across ages- Relationship with age?- some show that it is less common as people get older Some say its underdiagnosed in older people- why? 1) there are big differences in symptoms of depression in older people- which are not recognized- clinicians just use criteria of young people to assess depression in older people 2) ageism: physicians have a negative view of age- therefore they dont identify depression 3) cohort effect: older people grew up in different cultural environments, where open expression of feelings was discouraged- Thus, people who are suffereing from depression may be acting in a subtle way- thus, goes unnoticed by the physician
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