RLG204H5 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Sayyid Qutb, Sharia, Zakat

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12 Mar 2018
Sayyid Qutb Point Form
- Islam forbids the imposition of its belied by any type of force. A verse from the Quran
“There is no compulsion in religion”
- Islam tries to demolish political and material powers that stand between people and Islam
that force one people to bow before another.
- According to Islam, the way to establish God’s rule is not by giving priests the authority
to rule (like in the rule of the Church), nor is it by having a spokesman of God become a
- To establish Allah’s rule, it is meant that His laws should be enforced and that the final
decisions in all matters will be according to these laws.
- These laws free people from serving others, and bring them into the service of God,
through the Shari’ah laws.
- It is necessary to use “preaching” and “the movement” in order to bring people toward
the message of God. Through preaching, beliefs and ideas are confronted and through
The Movement, material obstacles are tackled. It is important that these two work side by
side in order to fully attain the goal of spreading God’s message.
- Islam establishes social, economic, and political systems in which the concept of freedom
of a man is applied in practice.
- Islam is more than just a belief. It is the declaration of the freedom of servitude to other
men. It strives to overcome government system that are based on the rule of man over
- When Islam offers people its spiritual message, it gives them complete freedom to accept
or not to accept its beliefs. However, this does not mean they can make their desires their
gods, or they can choose to remain in the world where rule of man over men is acceptable
- The word “religion” is more than just a belief. It is a way of life, and Islam is based on
this belief. Those who understand this will understand the true meaning of Jihad in Islam.
- Jihad was a movement to wipe out tyranny and to introduce the true freedom to mankind.
If Jihad is referred to as a defensive movement, then the word “defence” should be
changed to “defence of man” against all those elements which limit his freedom
- These elements are beliefs and concepts, as well as political systems, based on economic,
racial or class distinctions.
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