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Biological Sciences
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Animal Behaviour 2 animal behaviourWhat is animal behaviorWhat do genes and environment interactWhat are major types of behaviorHow to animals communicate with one anotherHow does behavior influence survival and reproductionWhy do animal societies evolveHow does behavior influence populationscommunities 3 what is animal behavior Humans have always studied animal behaviorinformallyAnimal behaviorinforms behavioral ecologystudy of how organisms make decisions that influence their survival and reproductive successStudy of how animals decide o Where to carry out activities o Select resources o Respond to predators and competitors o Interact with conspecifics other members of their species 4 animal behaviorethologyStudy of animal behavior in natural environments from an evolutionary prospective o Ethology In natural environmentsWhat are the questions that must be answered to understand any behavior o What is the mechanistic basis of the behavior including chemical anatomical physiological mechanisms o How does development of an animal influence behavior o What does the evolutionary history of the behavior o How does behavior contribute to survival and reproduction fitness 5 how do genes and environment interactGenes do not encode behaviorGene products eg enzymes can affect behavior by starting a series of geneenvironment interactions that underlie development of behavioral mechanismsExperimental methods to determine how genes and environment influence behavior o Deprivation experiments Young animals are reared with no experiences related to behavior
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