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Biological Sciences
Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Explain how positive-negative selection is used to generate ES cells that target specific genetic regions From lecture: • Positive selection o Take advantage of homologous recombination at specific loci o Develop a targeting vector that has o homology arms = pieces of DNA that sit on either side of the gene we want to insert  homologous for a specific region of the genome o It will be integrated into a particular region into the game because of these homology arms o Neo R – confers resistance to Neomycin (which is an antibiotic) o Positive selection occurs when we have cells that have the trans-gene inserted into them will be resistant to Neomycin o So in the dish we expose the cells to Neomycin and cells without the Neo R gene will be killed o = Cells left with Neo-R  Positively selects for cells that have the gen
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