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Chapter 16 Mini Quizzes Cultural Evolution and Lifestyle choices 1. ___________________ is to cultural evolution as natural selection is to biological evolution. Your Answer: Lifestyle Correct Answer: The law of effect 2. Cultural evolution is a product of Your Answer: both human intellect and physical capacity. 3. Biological evolution cannot weed out individuals who adopt unhealthy lifestyles because Your Answer: the consequences are not usually experienced until after people have passed their child-bearing years. 4. All of the following statements regarding cultural evolution are true except that cultural evolution 1. The way in which we interact with others, the kinds of work we pursue, the hobbies and personal interests we enjoy, and the habits we develop are all characteristics of Your Answer: our lifestyles. 2. Whereas physical evolution is primarily the result of biological factors, _________ evolution is primarily the result of psychological factors. Your Answer: cultural3. Which of the following is not characteristic of a healthy lifestyle? Your Answer: high quantities of alcohol 4. The habits that we develop are a feature of our ___________. Your Answer: behaviour Correct Answer: lifestyles Healthy and Unhealthy Lifestyle 1. Unhealthy lifestyle may be maintained by Your Answer: both biological and psychological factors. 2. Which of the following statements regarding cigarette smoking is false? Your Answer: Deaths by automobile accidents account for slightly more loss of life than cigarette smoking. Children who live in homes where adults smoke are likely to develop middle-ear disease. There is evidence of intergenerational transmission of smoking behaviours. Children who live in homes where adults smoke are likely to develop lower respiratory tract infections. Approximately 25% of people between the ages of 20 and 24 in Canada currently smoke. 3. Which of the following statements regarding the impact of physical fitness on health is not true? Your Answer: Physical fitness decreases the risk of HIV infection.4. The leading causes of death in developed countries are Your Answer: stroke and cancer. Correct Answer: heart disease and stroke. 1. The primary goal of a health psychologist is to Your Answer: gain a better understanding of the biological aspects behind health-impairing behaviours. Correct Answer: develop strategies that encourage people to make choices that benefit their health. 2. Among the heaviest consumers of alcohol, Your Answer: males outnumber females by a ratio of about five to one. 3. Caused by treponema pallidum bacterium, ________________, if left untreated, can result in bacteria penetrating the body's tissue, including the brain, and cause death. Your Answer: syphilis 4. Heavy drinkers sometimes suffer delirium tremens, which includes all of the following symptoms except Your Answer: a sense of clarity following a short period without alcohol. Unhealthy Lifestyles are Preventable 1. An effective strategy to avoid negative health behaviours that are pleasurable in the short term is to Your Answer: view life as a series of choices between small, short-term rewards, and larger, long-term rewards.2. The negative consequences of unhealthy behaviours can be avoided by exercising _____________, and by opting to engage in behaviour __________________. Your Answer: self-control; that produces a delayed reward 3. Behaviours that make up our lifestyles are partially a consequence of all of the following except Your Answer: unconscious constitution. But they do include cultural evolution, physiological constitution, genetic constitution, and environmental conditions. Self-control is 4.
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