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Global Asia Studies
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Liang Chen

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Tutorial 6
618-907 CE Tang Dynasty (Taung pronunciation)
Cosmopolitan (multi cultural) empire
Wealthy city
Influential to neighbouring areas Nara (Japanese Capital)
Nara was built like a scaled replica of Changan
People would come to China to learn about Buddhism and
Significant population of local Muslims and from Central Asia
Centre for Chinese Jews
Jews active in the trade
Nestorian Christians
Did not belong to the Orthodox or the Catholics
Based around modern day Iraq
Able to keep their own traditions because they were located in
a remote area away from other Christians
oLi Bai (Li bo) poet; raging alcoholic
Many of his poems were about drinking
Legend: got drunk, tried to hug the reflection of the moon, fell in the
water, and drowned
Belongs to a group of famous drunken poets Eight Immortals of the
Wine Cup
Honorary title designated to them by Du Fu
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