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University of Toronto Scarborough
Rajyashree Narayanareddy

GGRB02 EXAM STUDY GUIDE 1. Doreen Masseys elaboration of global sense of place ANSWER: Doreen Massey states that instead of thinking of places as areas with boundaries around, they can be imagined as articulated moments in networks of social relations and understandings. Global sense of place includes consciousness of its links with the wider world, which integrates in a positive way to the global and the local. The point here is that there are real relations with real content, economic, political, cultural, between any local place and the wider world in which it is set. Doreen Massey gives an example of how it is not possible to understand the inner city, for instance its loss of jobs, the decline of manufacturing employment there, by looking only at the inner city. We have to consider the inner city in its wider geographical context. Place is not a motionless concept it is a process. This is because places can be conceptualized in terms of the social interactions which they tie together, then it is also the case that these interactions themselves are not motionless things or frozen in time. They are processes. Second places do not have to have boundaries in the sense of divisions. Boundaries may
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