HLTB21H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Epicanthic Fold, Castoroides, Bubonic Plague

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21 Jan 2011

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9 million square kilometers stretches 136 degrees of longitude stretches 64 degrees in latitude separated from old world by major oceans. Anthrax: occurs world wide get disease via infected animal. Today: see this most often in butchers and farmers. In the past, the hunters and gatherers were infected by this disease. There are two main types of anthrax: respiratory tract is affected, lungs fail and often causes death, cutaneous form: where the skin is affected. Pasteurellosis (rabbit flu): it generally cause pneumonia it usually comes from domestic pet bites redness and pain on wounded area and can lead to flu-like symptoms death is unlikely. Worms causes constipation, bloating, skin rash, fatigue, digestive problems and diarrhea infected via: water, food, mosquitoes: insects relapsing fever contracted via ticks and lice, soil. Botulism food gets easily contaminated vomiting and diarrhea neurological symptoms: paralysis and death botox uses this bacteria: wrong amounts can cause death and unthinkable long-term affects: water.

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