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Nature of Plagues DefinitionsTransmission the movement of parasite from host direct or indirectvectorsVector animate intermediaries ex flies fleas ticks etc Parasite obtain resources needed for their growth and reproduction parasite may harm host but may not outright kill them ex malaria parasite red blood cell killerVirus smaller then bacteria must be in living cell to reproduceMicro Parasite 1600 microscopeMacro Parasite do not require microscope to seeIncubation period the period in which the disease is NOT ACTIVECarriers infectious but asymptomatic individuals can infect others but dont experience symptoms themselves 3 Factor Model HostAgentEnvironmentMultiplier R predicts how fast a disease with spread thru the populationParasite Virulence How strong it isHerd Immunity reduce number of susceptible individuals below a critical pointReducing Virulence clean water clean needle exchange and condom use immunization PlaguesZoonotic Infections animal infections transmitted to humansHunter Gathers small groups human to human transmission were absent3 Surges to human population1Tool Making Revolution Killing meat2Agriculture Revolution change from huntergatherer to farming irrigation banking urbanization domestication of animals3Scientific Industrial Revolution Impact of Disease population density quality of water supply food and shelter frequency of individual contact human contact with animals climateDomestication Diseases Measles dog and cattle Smallpox cows pigs and fowl Tuberculosis bovine TB HIVchimpanzees SARScivet cats HematuriasnailsPlagues of AntiquityPharaohs Plague Snail Feverblood flukes disease Hematuria causes blood to appear in urinePlagues of Athens doctors disease typhusRoman Fever Malaria Badair came from Africa or Asia Minor
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