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Anna Nagy

Purpose Audience - internal and external Information Organization Layout Style Visuals How is business communication different? - getting the job done, meet audience needs, achieve your purpose wide variety of media What does business communication accomplish? Managers have 3 jobs: collect and convey info, to make decisions and to promote interpersonal unity The role played by written, oral, nonverbal and e-enabled communication in the creation and management of wealth, profit and institutional value. What communications skills are integral to business success? Listening, speaking, interpersonal (grapevine), and writing skills Successful business communication will ... write • Inform • Request • Persuade • Build goodwill Will I really have to write? How much does correspondence cost? - Expensive and even more costly when it doesn’t work. What makes a message effective? Successful business correspondence builds goodwill by focusing on the reader Clear Concise Comprehensive Complete Correct Benefits—save time, money, energy, builds goodwill How do I begin to analyze business communication situation? Consider the context - get the result you want, communication has consequence. PAIBOC What are your purposes in communicating? Who is (are) your audiences? What information must be communicated? What are the benefits to your audience? What objections can you expect? How will the context impact the process? Who is my audience? Initial audience (Receives the msg first and routes it to other audiences. Tells you to write the msg Primary audience (Makes decision to act on your msg) Secondary audience (Be asked to comment on ur msg or to implement ur ideas after they’ve been approved. Use your msg as evidence) lawyer Gatekeeper (Has the power to stop ur msg before it gets to the primary audience. - Decides which personnel get to speak to the boss. Assign the msg. (gatekeeper outside the organization)) regulatory boards - Watch dog audience (Does not have the power to stop the message and will not act directly on it has political social or economic power.)Media boars of directors’advisory committees Why is audience so important? -Audience focus is central to both the communication process and message analysis Successful messages anticipate and meet the audience’s need. Transmit your msg to sb via channel (face to face, memo, phone…) Somebody interprets the msg, choose response (feedback), and encodes it Noise Channel overload Information overload Ego-centric Bias Information Bias Fundamental Attribution Error Framing Effects Hindsight Bias Confirmation Bias Projection Bias 2)Audience and business messages PAIBOC What do I need to know about my audience? Empathy critical thinking What are they like? Why are they here? What keeps them up at night? How can I solve their problem? What do I want them to do? How might they resist? How can I best reach them? Adapting to an Audience is developing an appropriate strategy, organization or structure, style, tone, medium, word choice, design, visuals or timing for your communication. 1) analyzing individuals and members of groups Prior knowledge - (Their knowledge about ur topic) Demographic factor Attitudes, values, and beliefs Personality - (Introvert-extrovert, sensing-intuitive, thinking-feeling, judging-perceiving) - (Psychographic characteristics, geodemographic data) Past behavior - (Predict future behavior) 2) analyzing people in organizations Discourse Community - Aorganization’s culture is expressed through its values, attitudes, and philosophies. Organizational Culture Behavior norms in organizations are revealed •Verbally through the organization’s myths, stories, and heroes •Nonverbally through the allocation of space, money, and power How do I use audience analysis to reach my audience? Plan strategy, organization, style, document design and visuals What if my audiences have different needs? Focus on ga
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