Final Exam Review DETAILED NOTES *PLEASE RATE* (Covers the whole course for the final)

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Management (MGT)
Hugh Mac Donald

y Successful business communication willinform request persuade build goodwill o To inform them o To request somethingmay I please ask you to do this would you mind doing that o Persuade people sometimes asking isnt enough o Build goodwill build your brand build brand loyalty make people like you do things that bring you the respect admiration and acceptance that goodwill representsI want you to come to my restaurant because youre a good guyy STUFF PROF COVERED IN COURSE IN SLIDE ON LECTURE 10BOLDED WORDS ARE TOPICSy Foundation y Ethics y Etiquette deals with interview and netiquette deals with emailhow do you actually do the things in a way that represtents good manners and the essence of good mattersmaking people comfortable and building report y Culture mainly a reminder that culture matters the way you communicate matters a lot its part of CONTEXT and part of PAIBOC y Foundation Ethics Etiquette Culture are all 1 theme y The Writing ProcessPAIBOC o Two things prof expects from ustake your time dont start writing think first if its a question think about it if you have to send an email or write a memo think about itBest way to plan your thinking is use a acronym PAIBOCPAIBOC is how you think whats your purpose what do you do y If youre going to answer a question about sending an email think about what you want to say whats the purposeI want him to call methats why your writing Never communicate without a purposeo Eg I want a person to respond I want a person to be influenced by me I want the person to like me Second themey Oral PresentationsRhetoricremember to be comfortable reading a script takes away credibility you wouldnt trust someone if they didnt know what they were talking about y Listenings Assumptions and the Curse of Knowledge cant communicate with someone unless youre ready to listen back I cant communicate if I dont understand you prof refers to filtering model o Purpose of listening is you want to test your knowledge curse of knowledgeCOK1 When your making assumptions about what other people are saying doing or thinking2 Making assumptions because its hard for you to think of how other people think because youre caught up in the way you think I know something therefore its hard for me to not know it hard for me to unlearn it y External CommunicationCrisis ManagementPeople need to be authentic Prof refers to 3 as
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