MGTA35H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Dysphemism, Confirmation Bias, Discourse Community

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The application of written, oral, non-verbal and e-enabled communication in the creation and management of wealth, profit and institutional value. Successful business communication will: inform, request, persuade, and build goodwill. The primary purpose of business messages is building goodwill. A form letter: is basically a pre-written template made for you but as your professional responsibilities increase the more frequently you will have to use critical thinking. Saves time, money, energy and builds goodwill. Purpose: what do i want to happen as a result of this message . Commas and period are always placed inside the quotation marks. Semi-colons and colons are placed outside the quotation marks. Initial audience, primary audience and secondary audience, gatekeeper, watchdog audience. Sender: encoding, transmitting message through communication channel receiver: perceives, in order to receive it. Then it is important to decode the information. Then there are things which influence every part of the process called noise.

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