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Chapter 5 Branding the Talent Pool: Recruitment and Careers
Outcome 1 Strategic Aspects of Recruiting
Why should do the recruiting?
Recruiting process outsourcing (RPO) – a profile of a worker developed by studying an
organization’s top performers to recruit similar types of people
-Used when org. ne ed a lot of e m ploye es or hire e m ploye e s quickly
-Also us eful wh en a firm h a s h a d trouble finding suitable can didat es in
the p a st m or e diverse candidat es
Should a firm recruit intern ally or ext ern ally?
-Som e a pplicants bring m or e th a n knowledg e to their n ew e m ployers
(i.e., t alent ed s alesp eople, doctors, accounta nts, lawyers) th ey le ave,
clients go with th e m
-Reaching a n e m ployers diversity go als is a noth er factor th at ca n lead
a firm to recruit extern ally
Labor m arkets:
Internal labor market – labor market in which workers are hired into entry-level jobs and
higher levels are filled from within
-A tight labor m arket might force th e e m ployer to a d vertise h e avily
an d/or s e ek a ssistanc e from local e m ploy m e nt a gen cies
-Actual LM d e p e nds on th e industry in which the firm operat e s an d
typ es of position it is s e eking to fill
Regional and Global Labor Markets
Global sourcing – the business practice of searching for and utilizing goods and services from
the world
-Not only offshoring work to s ave labor costs, also looking a broad to
d evelop b ett er products aroun d the clock via a global workforce an d to
attract the b e st t alent
-Foreign workers can b e hired through Hu m an Recours es a n d Skills
Develop m e nt Can ad a a nd Service Cana d a, which will provide foreign
workers with t e m porary work p er mits
Branding A company’s effort to help existing and prospective workers understand why it is a
desirable place to work
-Think of a pplicants a s consu m ers a nd focus on what th ey want in
ter m s of jobs a nd careers vs. what an org. h a s to sell the m
-Som e firms re ach out via social n etworks writing blogs a n d articles

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-Philanthropic activities g e n er ation Y, who look m or e th an just a
p aycheck a nd pro motions in their c are ers
-Wh en globalizing, branding c an help b ec a us e locals are often
unfa miliar with foreign firms
Outcome 2 Recruitment Channels
Recruiting Internally:
Internal Job Postings
-Sm all b usiness post th eir op enings on a board in its break room
-Large co m p a nies post on their intr an et site
-Quick w ay to find qu alified e m ploye e s interest e d in a position
Identify Talent Through Performance Appraisals
9-box gridA comparative diagram that includes appraisals and assessment data to allow
managers to easily see an employees actual and potential performance
-Single visu al refer ence (Actual p erfor m a nc e vs. pote ntial)
-Wh at d ev elop m e nts are n e e d ed, a nd whats th e n ext st ep
Skill Inventories and Replacement Charts See Chapter 2 Notes
-Rese arch found th at m a n a g ers often hire ext ern al ca ndidat es rath er
tha n pro mot e their current e m ploye e s
oOvervalue unfa miliar candidat es a n d und ervalue known on es
-To less e n th e ch a nc es of losing top p erfor m ers, m a n a g ers a ctively
identify high-pote ntial at-risk e m ployees a nd t ake st e ps or retain
the s e p eople
Outcome 3 Recruiting Externally
-Time consu ming, requires cre ativity
-Well written ad vertise m e nts highlight m ajor a s s ets of the position while
showing the res ponsiveness
-Correlation b etwe en the accuracy and co m plete n es s of infor m ation
provided in job a d s an d a n orgs recruit m e nt succ ess
Walk-ins and Unsolicited Applications and Resumes
-Com mon in s m aller orga nizations

Only pages 1-3 are available for preview. Some parts have been intentionally blurred.

-It is often b elieved th at individu als who cont act e m ployers on th eir own
initiative will b e b ett er e m ploye e s than thos e recruited through college
place m e nt s ervices or n ewsp a p er a ds
-Candidate s who h as b e en tre at e d well by a pote ntial e m ployer will tell
one oth er p erson vs. treat e d poorly t ell 11 oth er p eople
The Internet, Social Networking, and Mobile Recruiting
Passive job seekers – people who are not looking for jobs but could be persuaded to take new
ones given the right opportunity
Text messages  inexpensive, easy to send, fast and work with any cell phone
Potential Drawback:
-There can b e costs a recruiter might not n ec es s arily think a bout (i.e.,
FB ca m p aign, social m e dia m a n a ger)
-Could hurt th e co m p a nys diversity efforts (i.e., disables)
Employee Referrals
-Word of m o uth reco m m e n d ations are th e way m o st job positions ar e
-Quality of e m ploye e-referred a pplicants are quite high, re m ain in the
org. long er
-Corporate inbre eding: ultra ho mo g enized organization (similar
background s)
NepotismA preference for hiring relatives of current employees
-Nor m in Asia a nd th e Middle East
-Many oth er corps dyn a sties h ave b e en built on n epotism (i.e., Labor
unions, Ford, McCain Foods)
Re-recruiting – The process of keeping track of and maintaining relationships with former
employees to see if they would be willing to return to the firm
Executive Search Firms (Headhunters)
Helps employers find the right person for the job
-The fees ch arg ed can rang e a nywh ere from 25 to 40% of the a n nu al
s alary for the position to b e filled by e m ployer
- Search firms receive the gre at e st criticism for this practice
Educational Institutions
Common mistakes:
-Not using ca m pu s plac e m en t offices effectively a n d trying to visit too
m a ny ca m p us es inste ad of conc entrating on s elect institutions
-Not continuing th e recruiting effort on a long-t er m b asis once it is
b eg un
-Recruiters sent to ca m pu s e s are not sufficiently trained or prepared to
talk to inter este d candidate s a bout care er opp. or th e require m e nts of
sp ecific op e nings
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