PSYA02H3 : The Brain & Language Disorders

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28 Feb 2011
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PSYA02H3 Full Course Notes
PSYA02H3 Full Course Notes
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hemispheric specialization: rhyming task: language is mostly localized in the left hemisphere. Oxygenated blood is needed to fuction, brain has a way to tell cardiovascular system to send blood to that area of the brain. Systems sends more blooded than needed to the area. Statisitical procedure, output says (fmri) can tell that there is more oxygenated blood in that area when it is active. I t"s a comparision from when the brain is engaged in task, and when its not: response is called bold (blood oxygenated levels dependence) what the. Language is localized on the left side of the brain www. notesolution. com. Puts together their own thoughts for speech production. Those plans and programs are sent to goes to motor cortex to create phonemes to reply: 3 areas involved in understanding, producing language, producting speech. broca: laborious speech (no production or comprehension of complex grammar,. people can get lesions (leee-shons) in their brain; brain damage from accidents.

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