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emotion key chapter notes 1-3 for midterm!

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G Cupchik

y Aristotles book rhetoricthree principleso A hearer is likely to believe a good person than a bad one o People are persuaded when what is said stirs their emotion o People are persuaded by arguments that seem truthful y He believes that our emotions are stirred by our judgements and evaluation of the world y He thinks we go to the theatre to watch plays to get rid of our emotions or to enhance themkatharsis y Renee Descartes physiology approachpassions of the soul his book six fundamental emotionswonder desire joy love hatred and sadnessoccur in the thinking aspect of ourselves that he called the soulTheyre closely related toour physiological reaction ie tears heart beating rapidly etc o He thinks perceptions tell us about the outside world and emotions tell usabout our bodieso Supports aristotles views about emotions are interpretation of how we seethe worldo Our modern physiology is closely relatd to his theory emotions arise inour minds and enable our plans and affect our bodiesy George eliot the literary approachan author who thinks that emotions are a compass to our destinyThey help us stay on the right patho We understand our own emotion differently from others o We as readers are moved to extend our sympathies to others ie when reading a sad novel we feel for the character y Walter cannonwalter hess brain sciencecriticized the jamesl
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