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Sociology Midterm Study Notes Chapter 1: Intro th Sociology: came from enlightened period 18 century France Europe -ppl began to think rationally, Democratic Rev,Industrial Revmass production price buying SOCIAL SOLIDARITY: how group members share beliefs&values; intensity and frequency of interaction ORGANIC SOLIDARITY: weak solidarity, ppl arent restrained; more individualism ASSOCIATE TIES: binds ppl together Social structure: Relatively stable patterns of social relations that affect our thoughts, feelings, actions, and identity 3 levels are: i. Microstructures (patterns of intimate social relations formed during face- to-face interaction) group dynamics ii. Macrostructures (patterns of social relations outside and above ones circle of intimates and acquaintances) economy, politics, education iii. Global structures (social relations outside and above the national level) the UN SOCIAL IMAGINATION: quality of mind that enables person to see connection bw personal troubles and social structure DURKHEIM: original sociologist in 19 century -demonstrated suicide rates influenced by social forces(powerful influence on behaviour) -suicide rates vary as result of social solidarity -macro structure (social integration) cause suicide -theory of FUNCTIONALISM = social balance (healthy society); equilibrium -ppl needed more associations to increase solidarity, and decrease sucide FUNCTIONALISM: behaviour governed by relatively stable social structure maintainundermines social stability, emphasizes SS based on shared values and preferences suggests re-establishing equilibrium can best solve most social problems SOCIAL INTEGRATION: ppl joined by common shared beliefs; sometimes you find conformity kinship S.I. -S.I. when u have it all,its negative ex. Michael Jackson, lottery winners etc. CONSTRAINED: ppl are held back look before you leap DYSFUNCTIONAL CONSEQUNCES: effects of social structure that create social instability EGOISTIC & ANOMIC SUICIDE: found in modern organic societies where SS=, suicide ALTRUISTIC SUICIDE: person loves group takes life bc they betrayed the others SS=, sucide is ; traditional society ex. Jap student
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