SOCA02H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: North American Free Trade Agreement, Dependent And Independent Variables, Neve Electronics

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11 Feb 2011

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science method/approach restricted to answer all questions of life; cannot answer ultimate questions. what happens to us when we die? religion. biggest problem for sociological research is the experience filters our perceptions. experience helps us determine how we perceive reality & influences: experience filters our perception, helps us determine how we see and don"t see in the world. 4 stages to filtering (in sociological research: researcher"s values help them decide which problems are worth investigating. Filtering is bias, very hard to keep bias out of research: values lead researchers to formulate & adopt favored theories for interpreting. & explaining those problems (functionalism: researchers" interpretations are influenced by previous research, methods used to gather mould the researchers" perception. even in natural science, it"s hard to eliminate biases. www. notesolution. com. In everyday life, our biases easily influence our observations.

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